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Monday, June 30, 2008

One of the Boys

I have a crush on Katy Perry.


nweasel said...

Whew. I see. Haha.

The first time I heard the song in your last link, I was shocked. I hadn't heard it yet, haha.

Crazy. ;D

Caro said...

Ur So Gay.

Casey "Rev/Mopar" Cannon said...

Bi-Curious, much? Or perhaps not curious at all..... Oh, har-dee-har-har!

I actually like her too. Musically, I mean. And I have a deep fetish for brunettes, almost as much as red-heads.

Crunchman said...

I hope her boyfriend don't mind it.

Adam said...

I have to remember that video for the next time someone questions my sexuality.

Milkman519 said...

Well, I personally find her goddamn annoying.

Anonymous said...

She's not my type at all.

Anonymous said...

Also, while we're on the subject of crushes... I have an impossible crush on you. :-(

qrter said...

"Well, I personally find her goddamn annoying."


HektikLyfe said... is reporting that Mark Jacobs revealed that larg chunks of content is being axed from the launch version of Warhammer Online.

Is this true?

Can you speak of it?

Are any of your tree's getting axed?