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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Understanding the Internet

Not much from me in the past few weeks, arguably if ever. I've had a hard time writing a blog, as I have a hard time understanding its audience. It is, inexorably, myself, but clearly posting it to a public forum comes with the knowing (and in fact the very reason) of sharing with other people. Otherwise I would keep a journal, which I'm terrible at.

Then of course the small audience consists of mostly my friends (too far away and who I talk to too seldomly), some of the GameSpot devoted (love you guys) and Warhammer fans (love you guys too, but then again you're probably done with me now that the game is out... still love you).

Then of course, there's far too many ways to reach out these days: AIM, MSN, ICQ (barely that anymore), IRC (not really since my CS days), Facebook, Myspace, Friendster (for the two friends who won't get on Facebook), Blogger, GameSpot profile, Giant Bomb profile, YouTube (I think I'm finally too old for something), text messages, email, phone calls. I knew something was wrong when my niece balked at the thought of me sending her MAIL.

Anyway this is all an excuse to say that in my desire to understand communication better these days, I'm attempting to try out some new methods of it, the first and foremost being "Twitter", which I now have added to this blog, and which may sound very frivolous. Forgive me, I'm trying to adapt and grow and learn.

Which leads me to the question of what I'm doing these days. Since shortly after Warhammer's launch I've been working on some other stuff. Fun secret stuff. I hope you all are enjoying yourselves and have a happy holiday or two.


Elk said...

I wouldn't say I'm a GameSpot devoted, but that's what brings me here.
I tend to latch on to people who's opinions I've grown to trust and it so happens that most of those people do/did work at GameSpot.

I also am constantly trying to get a full time job writing in the industry so I try to understand the good people so I can better myself by learning what makes them good.

Does that make sense? Also added you to my twit, twit, twitter.

Casey "Rev/Mopar" Cannon said...

What Elk said. But not the Twitter part. I'm not big on internet culture myself, and if it's the "hot, new thing", then I won't even bother making an account, for the very reason you described.

Though, I think it's perfect for your blog, since there's not a lot of things you can talk about(and in many cases, don't want to talk about, I'm sure). So in between your big-bang, all out, bi-weekly fantastic blog entries, we can still know the little things that lead up to them.

Really though, the main reason that I personally read your blog is, you're very interesting, and you're impeccable literacy can paint the perfect picture of your mind and the world as you see it. I think that's why most people read it too.

Xessive said...

Hey Carrie,

I only started tracking some PSP reviews on Gamespot and spotted some of yours! Great work and great advice :)

I just noticed it's your day today and wanna wish you a very happy happy birthday!

Will said...

I was fascinated to see the perfusion of current and ex-Gamespot people blogs following Jeff's departure from Gamespot. As someone who really loved that site at its peak back in '06, it was very interesting to see what everyone was up to. Now you and Alex Navarro seem to be the only ones who update with any regularity. As for the point of the blog, think of it as a newspaper column that you don't get paid for - it's your contribution to the the conversation about whatever it is you want to talk about.

Banana Kid said...

I like to occasionally jump around the blogs of all the ex-game journalists I liked. Alex and Rich have pretty much given up on their blogs and Jeff, Ryan, Brad, and Vinnie have an actual site now. That leaves you and Jeff Green. So thanks for occasionally updating!

I guess it's kind of weird that people can become "fans" of journalists, but the podcasts and everything help a lot in giving personality to people who would otherwise just be bylines. That's the great thing about the internet, I guess.

Anonymous said...

You were the one that got me into game journalism, Carrie. Admittedly, I'm not on the same level you, as I'm just starting out, but the ideas you brought to the table in your special articles for Gamespot, and the personality you brought to the site definitely had an influence on me.

I followed your link from the Spot as you were always one of my favorite writers for the site, and you continue to be one of my favorite blogs to read. (Even if you don't write all that much.)

Anonymous said...

I regularly read your blog on Gamespot, read all of the entries. I sometimes find myself missing your lemon avatar. After the fallout, I came here and have been reading about all of the happenings surrounding you. Color me crazy, but I grew rather fond of your musings, and consider myself a "fan".

By the way, how's the book list coming along??