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Friday, September 26, 2008


Some things that have brought me joy today:

-The beautiful flowers sent to me from one of my dearest friends. <3

-The final lunch of the original pre-launch UI team, and the respect, admiration, and love that this team has for each other.

-Playing my game, my obsession, my other self with people who really seem to enjoy it. (and this post at the Waaagh Blog!)

and last but not least...

-Little Big Planet (the beta courtesy of another dear friend), a game which had a team of nine people sitting in a room, crying with joy and laughter. This game is going to change things, big time.


Syp said...

Sometimes it's the little things that make us the happiest.

Y'know, we still have just ONE spot open in the guild...

wayofthechosen said...

Hey this post was made on my bday, happy bday to me.

Sometimes the little things annoy us the most too, like a papercut, or a zealot who thinks he can do damage

Manic said...

Im getting a PS3 just to Little Big Planet.


Heya Carrie! Just found out you moved your blog here. I really loved you on the hotspot, you should so colaborate with giantbomb and make some guest apperances on their podcasts. Im the guy you talked to Dreamfall about on if you dont remeber lol.

All the best